"If education is protection to life, you will realize that it is necessary that education accompany life during its whole course."

- Maria Montessori

"If education is protection to life, you will realize that it is necessary that education accompany life during its whole course."

- Maria Montessori

American Montessori Society

Our school meets all quality standards established by the AMS.

What It Means to Be an AMS-Accredited School

Being an AMS member school means that we successfully meet all quality standards established by the American Montessori Society. Our school also has an AMS accreditation, which means that, beyond delivering the essential components of the Montessori learning method, we achieve excellence in all of them.  The 5 essential components to developing quality programs are: 
  • Properly trained Montessori teachers
  • Mixed-age classrooms
  • Use of special Montessori learning materials
  • Child-directed network
  • Uninterrupted work periods
Only 15% of member schools share the distinction of being AMS-accredited. Meeting such standards means that our school has a consistent domain over Montessori practices, covering areas such as health and safety, finance, and administration.  Currently, 191,000 students are educated every year in AMS member schools. Our school has four education programs that can cover your children in four different stages of life. These programs are: Primary Program, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School.

Mission, Vision & Values of the AMS


Empowering humanity to build a better world through Montessori.


Montessori for all, embraced around the globe.


All of the work that we do is founded on values of respect, integrity, diversity, inclusiveness, responsibility, and enthusiasm.

The American Montessori Association understands engagement in transformational change as one of the main pillars for your children’s formation. All schools attached to the organization are committed to self-reflecting on the consequences of racism and systemic oppression, as well as the importance of celebrating  cultural, ethnic, and religious differences.

We recognize the power critical thinking has to change the world and encourage standing against oppressive or discriminatory behavior. We also emphasize the importance of courage, trust, empathy, and understanding, which are essential values in the fight for equality.

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What an AMS School Should Have

  • The effective incorporation of the 5 essential components
  • Security monitoring
  • Well-sanitized facilities
  • Teachers trained in the Montessori method 
  • Various opportunities for you to be involved in your children’s education 
  • Conversations at an eye level with your children
  • An environment where diversity and equality are supported at every level