"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed"

- Maria Montessori

Why Choose Montesorri

The Montessori method helps your children to take ownership of their education.

Why Families Choose Montessori

A major reason parents seek a Montessori education for their children is because of the critical importance of early childhood. Experiences such as self-reflection, responsibility, independence, and cultural diversity can have a formative impact on your child – they’re also core Montessori principles.  

The Montessori method is currently responsible for educating 191,000 students every year through member schools of the American Montessori Society, and we don’t intend to stop there. Our growth is reflective of the positive impact that learning experiences promoted in our classrooms can have on the development of your child. 

We believe that every child has their own pace and way of learning, and respecting this is the foundation of our method. We know that by working with – not against – your child’s individuality, we facilitate their development into a confident and capable human being

Our Montessori teachers, campus, and teaching philosophy will help your child develop into a thriving and thoughtful citizen of the world.

What Other Parents Are Saying About MSC

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Children’s House

Early childhood education is vital to your child’s lifelong educational journey. Our Primary program, or “Children’s House”, provides introductions to the culture, curriculum, and skill sets that characterize education at MSC. Your child builds the foundation for future academic success, and also develops the skills of autonomy, independence, cooperation, collaboration, and flexibility. Within our mixed-age classrooms, you’ll find three, four, five & six-year-old students working both individually and collaboratively. In a three-year period, your student will experience being the novice, the apprentice, and the mentor in their community. This allows each student to learn from practicing with and teaching other students.