Step 1 – The Tour

Tours are given on any mutually convenient morning. We ask that we plan to spend approximately 2 hours together. During this time, you will speak extensively with the administration about the Montessori method and will tour the campus and classrooms. It is preferable to have adults only during this initial visit, although newborns are a welcomed exception.

Step 2 – Applications

Applications may be submitted any time, but a child will only be admitted into the school if the parents/guardians have toured.

A submitted application places the child on our wait pool. As soon as the application and $50 non-refundable application fee is received, it is entered into our database program (Dayschool by Snowman Software).

Step 3 – Student Visit

Once the application is submitted and paid, a visit-day will be scheduled for any prospective student that hopes to enter 4K or above. After the visit, we will inform you as to whether or not we think your child will thrive in the Montessori environment. We do not do visits with rising three-year-old children as they are often two at the time a visit would take place.

Step 4 – Request for Records or Additional Information

We will request records from prior schools, if any, and speak with previous teachers if necessary.

Step 5 – The Enrollment Contract

Enrollment contracts are offered based on the following priorities in this order:

  1. Sibling priority is given only once the older sibling’s enrollment contract is returned.
  2. Students coming from another Montessori program.
  3. People who we believe will make excellent partners and stay through the 6th
  4. People who we believe will make excellent partners and stay through kindergarten.
  5. If all else is equal, priority goes to a family that brings diversity to our community (transgender, family of color, child of same-sex parents, etc.)
  6. Date that application was submitted is taken into consideration, but priority is not given simply based on first come first serve.

If a spot is not available for the desired school year, the family may defer and remain on our wait pool. If a student moves mid-year, the spot will be filled with a student from the wait pool. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, color, creed, or national and ethnic origin.