"The only language men ever speak perfectly is the one they learn in babyhood, when no one can teach them anything."

- Maria Montessori

Why Choose MSC?

MSC will help your child to develop into an intelligent, caring, and responsible member of society.

Choosing the best  Montessori school for  your child is a big decision for any parent. Parents that believe in the Montessori principles want their children to undergo the full potential of the method and its learning experiences. An excellent Montessori school must go beyond traditional classroom boundaries, both physical and mental, molding productive, caring, and responsible individuals

Only 15% of all Montessori member schools are accredited – and we are proud to say MSC is part of that select group. Not only do we manage to deliver all the main components necessary to the Montessori learning experience, but we also do that within the best environment, with the help of extremely competent staff.


Our learning environments are carefully prepared to meet the needs of children within each of our programs  – Primary, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary. Tables, chairs, tools, and materials are proportioned to fit the range of students working within their environment. This careful preparation facilitates not only your child’s interaction with that environment but a clear sense of ownership over their surroundings as well.  

In our mixed-age classrooms, children discover the dignity of work as well as the importance of caring for themselves and others. Older students serve as grounded role models and mentors that younger students can look up to and interact with. The teacher observes all of this closely, taking notes, guiding, and having one-on-one interactions when necessary.

  • Prepared environment
  • Children take ownership of their surroundings
  • Mixed-age Classrooms
  • Older students acting as grounded role models
  • Teachers are careful watchers and guides


Our campus is a place where students can feel both protected and productive as they take part in various tasks, both individually and as a group. We like to call the external space we have a “living textbook”, where students can learn important values and real-life skills through hands-on tasks and social interactions as a community. 

The campus will give your child the chance to learn the importance of being environmentally responsible through practical tasks. We have gardens your child will tend,barrels from which they’ll collect rain water,, and animal habitats like chicken coops and coy ponds they’ll be partially responsible for maintaining. 

All of those activities promoted by the school (and more) are relevant to the Montessori principles, as well as the main reason why MSC is a certified Green Steps School.

  • Direct contact with nature and animals within the campus
  • Hands-on agricultural and recycling tasks
  • Outside classes that connect to what is learned in the traditional classroom
  • Closed street traffic can’t access


We have voluntarily submitted to, and successfully obtained, an important accreditation and certifications that vouch for our excellence. Such quality can be found in our teaching methods, staff, and the positive impact we provide on your child’s academic and social growth. 

We are among the 15% member schools of the American Montessori Society that are AMS-accredited. That means we not only manage to deliver all the essential components for quality Montessori programs, but we also do so with excellence. 

We have a certification from SAIS, which is granted to a select number of independent schools that manage to comply with rigorous standards. And, as briefly mentioned, we’re also a member of the Green Steps Schools program, which awards South Carolina schools with active sustainability projects.

  • AMS-accredited school
  • Certification from SAIS 
  • Member of the Green Steps Schools program

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Our staff is composed of some of the most professional, thoughtful, and dedicated people you’ll find anywhere in the country. We have people from all over the U.S., at different stages of their lives and of different backgrounds. All of them have one thing in common amidst this diversity: an immovable passion for the Montessori method. 

Teachers, instructors, assistants, heads of school, and director of development all share one goal: giving their best effort for your child. Everything we do is to help your child become an active, respectable, and conscious citizen of the world.

Why Choose Montessori?

Choosing the best  Montessori school for  your child is a big decision for any parent. Parents that believe in the Montessori principles want their children to undergo the full potential of the method and its learning experiences.