Primary Routine Program

Ages: 3-6 years

Working with the Montessori method and principles from an early stage will enable your child to develop their most advanced skills at an impressive pace. Within our mixed-age classrooms, children are encouraged to support each other in the learning experience and are free to explore Montessori materials, absorbing knowledge through repetition and practice.

The impact of the Montessori method will be seen in your child’s newfound sense of autonomy, adaptability, and teamwork. The Montessori Primary Program student is a strong-willed, yet productive and cooperative, member of their community.

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For the Primary Program, we follow a routine that allows your child to feel secure while also supporting their emotional, cognitive, and social development. 

Our respect for each child’s individuality is also expressed in the flexibility through which we operate the entire Montessori work cycle. We believe that every child has their own pace and individual preferences regarding the learning process, and these specificities are always respected when it comes to following our routines.

Enrichments Program

Within the Primary Program curriculum, MSC offers enrichment activities that expand your child’s knowledge, helping them to get in touch with abstract concepts, art, and foreign languages.

Such enrichments include:




Besides those, we also have an experimental after-school enrichment program that, for Primary students, includes two types of activities:

The after-school enrichments run through outside companies and the registration, payments, and any questions should be directed to the company. Only students enrolled in After-Care can participate.


Our Primary After–Care is held in Building D (corner of Howard and Oceola). Snacks are provided for the students, and if your child has any special dietary needs, you are free to send extra snacks to school with them. We also encourage you to always put weather-appropriate clothes in your child’s bag. 

If your child is not attending the after-care program on a particular day, inform their teachers beforehand. If you have any questions about your child’s time in after-care, reach out to their lead teachers, and they will be pleased to help.

Where to Next? Primary Program

Early childhood education is vital to your child’s lifelong educational journey. Our Primary program, or “Children’s House”, provides introductions to the culture, curriculum, and skill sets that characterize education at MSC.