Lower Elementary Routine

We help children in the Lower Elementary stage to prioritize the development of several self-sufficient skills, something that will echo throughout the entirety of our learning process. In this program, students can already move around through the classroom, eat a snack, sit down or stand up, all at will.

Teachers will intensify their observational work by collecting data on all children individually. This will allow them to start assigning elaborate tasks to your children as well as identifying where their strong points and areas of improvement are.

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  •  Our two Lower Elementary (1th – 3th grades) classes are currently filled with up to 26 students each.

**1st through 8th graders have music, Spanish, art and P.E. weekly.

**After school enrichments for elementary students include Art in the Afternoon, chess and chorus.

Where to Next? Upper Elementary

Students in Upper Elementary have reached an exciting time in their lives. They are making the leap to abstract thinking and they are ready for large, challenging research projects. As a result, the upper elementary classroom buzzes with the enthusiasm of students making new discoveries and producing works of remarkable sophistication.